Dress Up! New blogging challenge
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Dress Up! New blogging challenge

Do you like to get new transmog and have fun? So do I! That's why I made this new Blogging Challenge for all of you!

I love to get new transmog ideas and inspire others and this is the perfect way to make it fun!

Hope some of you will join me and Dress Up! It's gonna be fun!

And for all you tweeters, tag it on twitter with tags like #dressPimp, #dressViking. I'll try to sum all of you, and it's easier to find you with tags! :)

UPDATE! I'm gonna make a video for every theme, I'll make a summary video in the beginning of the month. So if you want to be in the next video, publish your transmog on your blog before the end of the month and tag it on Twitter, give me a tweet or comment this article. I'll take the 5 first that contacted me, because unfortunately it takes really long time and I don't have time to make it with more than 5 people in it :(

But you'll still be linked and have chance to attend in the next video :)

I'm looking forward to see some awesome transmog!

Poor - #dressPoor summary and video

Pirate - #dressPirate summary and video

Fisher - #dressFisher summary and video

Punk - #dressPunk summary and video

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