Dress Up! #dressFisher summary
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Dress Up! #dressFisher summary

Last week has been a fishy week with a lot of fishy mogs!
Thanks to all that joined this week and thanks to all that may want to join in the future.

I included all submissions from last week #dressFisher in the summary video.
Please let me know if you want me to exclude you from it, then I'll upload it again without you in it.

And you're welcome to join #dressPunk this week.
Feel a little rebel in your stomach? Well, then you can upload your mog and tag it on twitter with #dressPunk or give me a comment with a link to your blogpost.

You can read more about the Blogging challenge, here.

Please enjoy the video of all the awesome Fishy transmogs:

Don't forget to stop by their blogs and comment the transmogs!

Dress Up! – Fisher - @_slashafk
DressUp! #DressFisher - @ElisaAnttila
Dress up – Fisher - @druheals
Dress Fishy! - @MrandMrsWoW
Dress Up! Fisher - #dressFisher - @GPBatinna

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