Dress Up! #dressPirate summary
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Dress Up! #dressPirate summary

Yarrr, me hearties!

Now 'tis the hour fer th' #dressPirate summary fer last week. I included all 'o th' participants in th' movin' picture. If ye don't want to be in th' movin' picture, please let me be knowin' 'n I'll upload it again without ye in it.

Hearty thanks to all that joined #dressPirate last week 'n to them who gunna join in th' future.
Now check out 'tis full 'o awe scurvy pirate transmogs!

'n please gather pirates fer #dressFisher 'tis week! If ye join ye'll be in th' summary movin' picture next week. (atleast 5 'o ye.) Read 'bout th' Dress Up! Bloggin' challenge, here!

Woe ye heartly enjoy th' movin' picture 'n all th' wonderful transmogs!

Don't forget to stop by their blog 'n comment th' transmog!

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