Dress Up! Fisher - #dressFisher
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Dress Up! Fisher - #dressFisher

This week, or last week to be completely honest, it was #dressFisher.
I'm really busy atm, don't have more than a couple of hours to game and I'm trying to get better PvE gear on my druid. I've always been into PvP, but after Timeless Isle and all the free epics I just had to try out PvE, and I love it!!

I'm also leveling two new toons and another two for helping out some friends. (We have RAF.)
So that's why I'm late at posting this. I actually had all the screenshots and transmog ready before Sunday, but I couldn't find time to post this before now. So...I'm sorry.

Here's my #dressFisher!

The items I used:
- Spellbinder Vest
- Willow Belt of the Owl
- Simple Britches of the Owl
- Nightsky Boots

I've got it all on the AH for around 15 gold.

Hope you all liked it, and thanks to all that joined #dressFisher. I'll try to get the video uploaded by Thursday!

Cya next week for #dressPunk! :D

EU gamer and Batman fanatic.

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