Dress Up! Pirate - #dressPirate
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Dress Up! Pirate - #dressPirate

'Tis week 'tis time fer some Dress Up! scurvy pirate. Bin already seen some fancy scurvy pirate outfits 'n now 'tis the time to show ye mine!

Ye can read 'bout th' bloggin' challenge, here.

Th' 19th SeptembARrrrr, Sicarios organized a really hardyharhar event in WoW wit' full 'o awe scurvy pirate transmogs 'n some spiced rum. It didn't be off as planed fer Sicarios 'n I because we were hated in lovely Booty Bay. But we went a wee while wit' our alts 'n had a parrrty outside lovely Booty Bay at th' end. So it was really a ruckas.

Woe ye like me new scurvy pirate outfit. 'tis all Bloodsail items, we farmed fer. It took a while but it was worth it. Even got a nice title! <Bloodsail Admiral>

Th' items I used:
- Bloodsail Admiral's hat
- Bloodsail Shirt
- Bloodsail Sash
- Bloodsail Pants
- Bloodsail Boots

Spy wit' ye eye next week as #dressFisher!

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