Dress Up! Punk - #dressPunk
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Dress Up! Punk - #dressPunk

Punk, the 4th theme on the Dress Up! blogging challenge. When I was younger punk meant a lot to me. The music and lifestyle. (Can't believe it today)
I had an amazing time listen to Blink-182, that was my favorite punk band, buy expensive punk-clothes. We don't have much punk-clothes where I live, so it's really expensive. And just have a great time feeling awesome.

I used to love the punkish clothes, like red and black skirts with small handcuffs on. One of my favorite skirts.
Clothes designed with nails, okay I know today that's the new IN and pretty normal. The makeup, toxic tears and lots of red or black makeup around my eyes. I felt so cool.
Well, I'm glad I'm not like that anymore. I'm glad it's over. True words. But I don't regret it.

That's why I added punk to the themes in this blogging challenge, unfortunately it's not many skirts in World of Warcraft. But I found some pants that really looked punkish, and matching gloves. I also chose a helm that looked like a mohawk and shoulders with nails on it. Then I found this chest that looked like a corset. Awesome.

I know the colors doesn't completely match, but so be it. All the items are leather.

The items I used:
- Pygmy Helmet
- Lothalar Woodwalker Shoulders
- Knightbane Carapace
- Sash of Silent Blades
- Supreme Leggings
- Footpads of Silence
- Dire Wolf Handler Gloves

The Dress Up! Punk summary article and video will be done by tomorrow. :)

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