DressUp! Challenge #dressPirate
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DressUp! Challenge #dressPirate

me buckos. I've be lookin' ahead to writin' 'tis article because 'tis be
me favorite outfit 'o them all. 'tis time we had to get a scurvy
pirate outfit.

Me 'n Batinna went down to th' lovely Booty Bay 'n made ourself
buckos wit' th' Bloodsail Buccaneers. After a whole lot 'o spiced rum 'n
tales from th' sea, we became friendly 'n was awarded wit' rich scurvy
pirate clothes 'n a new 'n shiny title, th' Bloodsail Admiral.

Th' outfit I be usin' on th' picture be th' Bloodsail Buccaneer set.

'tis contains:
- Bloodsail Boots
- Bloodsail knickers
- Bloodsail Sash
- Bloodsail Shirt

In addition to that, I also used:
- Master Builder's Shirt
- Falchion

To be honest, I was actually thinking of going with this set:

But then me and Batinna decided to go all the way and farm the Bloodsail Buccaneer set.
It was a boring grind, but totally worth it. Cost a lot to get our reputation with Booty Back back to normal

So after achieving the Bloodsail Buccaneer set I look like:

See my new pet and title which came with the set :D

Bloodsail Admiral Sicarios
Bloodsail Admiral Sicarios
I'm a programmer/computer geek, happy father, a dangerous biker, and I enjoy writing stuff that involves gaming :)

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