DressUp! Challenge #dressPoor
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DressUp! Challenge #dressPoor

Hi everyone,

This is part one of my new DressUp! series.

This is a blog transmog challenge started by Batinna (@GPBatinna) where you have to chose an outfit for every part.
There's a lot of outfits to farm, just look at the list:
DressUp! challenge - the outfits

There's no time limit for every outfit, but you have to do them one by one. Can't cheat and skip to "Viking" without having done the prior outfits first for example.

So this is my first post, the Poor outfit.
I like this outfit because it looks really poor. The clothes are all destroyed and filthy.

It's also the starting gear for the hunter class so it didn't even cost me 1 copper.

Bloodsail Admiral Sicarios
Bloodsail Admiral Sicarios
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