How we rocked in arena
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How we rocked in arena

Well, this is not guide for how to be good at arena. But okay, I'll give you 3 tips.

Those are the 3 easy steps to actually have a chance in the arena. Get good gear from honor points and talk with each other!! My best tips ;)

Like you didn't already know that. Haha. Well, for around 2 weeks ago I finally turned level 90 on my Druid. I've really looked forward to try arena with Sicarios' Warrior, Thrott. And for about a week ago we tried it for the first time. But, we sucked...

But today, ladies and gentlemen, I finally won my first arena with Sicarios. We actually won 2 in a row. I'm so happy! I've been waiting for it for so long. We have won before, but only on walkovers, lol we sucked. But today I got my new staff that I was looking forward to get and some more new gear. And we found a new tactic that actually worked for both of us. AND WE WON!!

Our arena team. Sicarios as Thrott and me as ShiftHappÃÂȘns.

I played as Resto Druid and Sicarios as Arms Warrior and we both bought some new awesome gear today and improved so much from yesterday! The first fight we won were against two Blood Death Knights. One of them kept running after me and I was running as a mad man trying to escape, lol. One of the things I'm good at as a Druid is to escape. And we was running in circle for soo long and I cycloned, cycloned, cycloned, heal, cycloned, heal Sicarios, cycloned, cycloned, heal. Lol, and when Sicarios was done fighting with the other Death Knight, we killed the other too! Awesome feeling to finally win the arena!!

The other match was against a Shaman and a Druid. I cycloned the ass off the Druid and when Sicarios was done with the Shaman, the Druid tried to escape for a while, because that's what Druids are best at, and we finally killed the Druid too. So awesome to see how much we have improved! Trust me, we really sucked before. We actually lost against ONE Paladin! I'm not kidding, we were alone in the arena. 2 against 1!! And we lost... /rage!!! :P

It has been an awesome day! Won on almost every battleground I played today, too!

And thank you Sicarios for making my day SO AWESOME! /brofist

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