Left 4 Dead 2 Review
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Left 4 Dead 2 Review

Are you looking to kill some zombies and other special infected with endless action with either bots, randoms or your friends? Then this is the right game for you.

Left 4 Dead 2 has thirteen chapters with six of which are from the original Left 4 Dead. You can choose from the characters, Coach, Ellis, Nick and Rochelle from Left 4 Dead 2. And when playing from the six chapters from Left 4 dead, Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey. You can play with your friends or randoms from Steam or you can play alone with bots from the game.

Don't worry if you die
The point of every chapter is to get from Point A to Point B and on every campaign you'll get your rescue out in the end. If not all of your teammates made it you will see a "In memory of ..." in the credits in the end of the campaign. You will still make it and can begin on the next campaign.
You can also choose what Campaign and chapter you want to start at before beginning a new game, you don't have to get it unlocked first. You can also choose what difficulty you want to start with, or vote for it In-Game if it get's too easy or too hard for your team.

In the game it's about surviving some heavy hordes and a couple of special infected. In the start of a new chapter you will receive a couple of weapons to choose between, ammo and a First Aid kit to heal yourself or your teammates. The game supports voice and text communication.

The special infected.

Be in a safe spot when you're healing
When you or a teammate is healing, you can still get attacked by Zombies and if so, the healing can be cancelled. So, take care of your teammates and watch out for zombies and special infected. Some of them are really hard to kill and some are good at surprise attacks. So be sure you have all your teammates with you before you keep going.

If you lost all your health you'll drop down on the ground, you'll get some extra time to be able to survive if a teammate heals you with a First Aid kit which you can find on the ground or in a saferoom. But if the time runs out and Zombies keep eating on you, you'll die. And your teammates have to revive you with a Defibrillator that you can pick up on your way instead of First Aid kit, or get to a Saferoom, and your teammate will be revived automatically.

In the saferoom you'll get new ammo, weapons and First Aid kits. All the people who have died will be revieved in the saferoom. When you and all your teammates are inside the saferoom you'll be able to see the stats of whom killed the most zombies and special infected.

Isn't the game hard enough? Don't worry
If the game still ain't a deal for you, then you can choose from some Special Campaigns that is really hard. Like the Zombies can only die if you shoot them in the head. No one of you and your teammates can heal unless they're holding on to a gnome you have to bring with you on your way. You lose it - you'll probably die. No saferoom and a lot more of these awesome Special Campaigns.

And if you need to take a quick break, or don't find your teammates, you can choose to Take a break and a bot will play your character untill you're back. So that's pretty great if you don't like to bother your teammates to take a break because you have to.

My conclusion
Ok, as a female gamer that compare this game a lot to the Dead Island, this is my pros and cons about Left 4 Dead 2.

- Lots of action, very little time to get bored.

- You're able to play co-op.

- You can choose difficulity, before start or vote for it in-game.

- You can get to a saferoom in-game and heal, check stats and get ammo.

- It's endless ammo when using a gun as your weapon.

- If it gets too easy, you can choose from the Special Campaign list. That is very fun.

- If you need a break you can always let a bot play your character!

- It's a zombie game. Always fun.

- You can revive your teammates if they're down or dead.

- The game is not over before all of you're dead. That means that it doesn't matter if ONE player dies.

- You'll get cool Achievements on Steam during the chapters and how you play the game, like THE REAL DEAL and CONFEDERACY OF CRUNCHES.

- I think that it should be a little more story around when a new special infected is coming for the first time. Like a small video to show you how big and scary these infected are. It's like a surprise everytime, and kinda boring.

- Sometimes I feel it's too many zombies at the same place, and they can climb up on roofs and busses. It's hard, man.

- I think the story is kinda boring, it's no quests and I haven't felt I get so much out of the story.

- It's the same in every chapter, you go from Point A to Point B.

- You always get rescued in the end of a campaign... and the getaway always fails without any good story behind it.

- I miss the quests.

I have no more to add and it's time to rate this game.

Thumb UpThumb UpThumb UpThumb UpThumb UpThumb Up / 10

I give this game 6 of 10. I think it's a lot of action, that is great, but in my case I think it's too much of it - atleast sometimes. And it's the same thing going on over and over again, it should be more story during the chapters and less zombies. Can't believe I actually said that.

Well, in my opinion I really like that people have so many choices about how they want to play the game. The game is co-op and you can kill Zombies with your friends, that is really cool. I have had a really fun time with my friends when we played this game, I actually bought it to my sister that hate almost every game and she loved it! So, that's pretty funny.

I would really recommend this game to all people who want action and lots of infected to kill. This game actually reminds me about Counter Strike. So if you like Counter Strike and loves to kill Zombies, you just have to try Left 4 Dead 2!

EU gamer and Batman fanatic.

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