WoW:MoP 5.4 Highlights
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WoW:MoP 5.4 Highlights

The 11th September was a great day for World of Warcraft European players. This was the day the new patch 5.4 released! The lucky bastards from USA got the patch a day before us.
Most of you are probably aware of all the new features in patch 5.4, but let's write about it anyway.
We've already had some time to test some of the new features, but not everything. I'm gonna write about what I personally am very excited about.

- Flexible Raid:
Raid difficulty will dynamically adjust to the amount of players in the raid. Instead of having just 10 or 25 man raids, now you can raid with 12 or 17 people and the difficulty and loot will automatically adjust. This is quite neat if your guild is missing a few guys for 25 man and don’t like to bring in randoms. Note that this doesn’t work with less than 10 or more than 25. There’s also no ilvl/role restrictions which is quite cool (if you wish to kill yourself).

- Timeless Isle:
I've now had a couple of days wandering around the Timeless Isle. Welcome to Texas, 'cause this is crazy! It's really great though! I really love to run around looking for treasures (okay, I looked them up at Wowhead), skinning endless of animals, getting ganked by Blood coin farmers, killing rare elites, and all the other fun stuff to do. There's always something to do at Timeless Isle, whether the clock is 4 am or 7 pm.

I believe getting epics has become easier than ever thanks to the Timeless Isle and all those wonderful treasure chests.

As an old "hardcore veteran" from the 60's (raided every single day on the week days), I must admit, getting an epic item at the Timeless Isle is so ridiculously easy compared to the old days.
To obtain an epic item in the old days, you had to:
- Run lvl 50-60 dungeons for months to get somewhat decent gear
- Do attunement quest for the raids (this itself could take days or weeks... look up the Onyxia attunement chain)
- Find a serious raiding guild (almost impossible if you didn't have anyone to vouch for you)
- Raid with the guild 1-2 months as a trial, no loot what-so-ever!
- Finally become a trustworthy member and start earning DKP (Dragon Kill Points).
- Attend raids a couple of weeks to work up your DKP, and finally start bidding on those awesome epics.
Alternatively you could skip the guild part and join PUGs (Pick-Up-Groups, now called LFR), where you must prepare for endless wipes and repair costs so expensive you have no chance in hell to make this wheel go around.

Sorry about my little rant there. Anyways, today you can loot a "hidden" treasure chest and obtain a very good epic. Don't need it? Oh don't worry, it's Bind-To-Account so just mail it to your alt. (Oh yeah, lvling 1-60 also used to take months... now it's done in 1 day).

Bottom line is: Timeless Isle is an Isle where you get free epics, but it involves a lot of ganking, lagging, funny moments, and a lot more. I suggest all of you to go there and have fun!

And to all of you complaning about this RNG loot system not giving you enough loot: don't complain!

- Siege of Orgrimmar:
I guess I have to mention Siege of Orgrimmar as this is quite extraordinary, but it'll probably take a while before I can join SoO.
My ilvl is currently too low and I'm usually more into PvPing.
I did try it a little bit at the PTR though, and I must say it's really cool. And the fact that Garrosh Hellscream's shoulder drops (and looks the same as his) is freakin awesome. I envy all of you who can wear those.

- Proving Grounds:

This sounds very interesting! Think of Proving Grounds as a 1-man test dungeon where you can test and improve your skill in any desired specialization. It also has scores so you can compete with friends.
Haven't really gotten to tried this yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

- Connected Realms:
This is also extremely cool. A set of realms are now bound together as 1
main realm, which means that the realms will be just like 1 big realm.
Let’s say for example realm A and B is bound together in the same
set, they will now access the same auction house, guilds, etc. Like merging into 1 bigger realm.
Haven't really noticed anything about this since my realm already was pretty populated, but maybe some of you smaller realms have noticed it? Read more about connected realms here.

- Class changes like usual. I see a couple of buffs for Rogues and Warriors which happen to be my main classes so I won't complain about that :) Read about all the other classes in the patch notes.

- Pet Battle tournament on the new area, Timeless Isle. I’m not much of a pet battler myself, but thinking of starting with it… only have lvl 6-7 pets though.
Seems you need to have 15 (fifteen!) pets of lvl 25 to even join the tournament. Screw this.

- Higher chance for epics in MSV, HoF, ToES and ToT on LFR difficulty. Since epics are so easy to get, why not make it even easier. Thumbs up!

- Micro transaction store
I was looking forward to the micro transaction store, even though many "prophets" out there has foreseen the ending of World of Warcraft because of this. Face it, WoW won't just end like that. We have literally millions of players. I highly doubt they'll all quit because Blizzard releases a micro transaction store. And they've promised they won't sell good gear, just fun (or useful) items. So it won't turn out to be Pay-To-Win.

The item I was looking forward to specifically was the 100% XP buff potion, but I guess I'll just have to dream on. I read somewhere about it only being offered to the asians, which is weird because that's where the power-leveling-services are being sold (mostly). I guess Blizzard decided to support the power-levelers so the asians can make more money of Blizzard. I don't understand that decision, but maybe I've missed some details.

Enjoy patch 5.4!

Bloodsail Admiral Sicarios
Bloodsail Admiral Sicarios
I'm a programmer/computer geek, happy father, a dangerous biker, and I enjoy writing stuff that involves gaming :)

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